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Where Can I Buy a Garment Bag

Views:  Update Date: Nov 12,2019

Where can i buy a garment bag near me? There are garment bags that roll, fold up, and hang freely in a closet. Does this happen to you? No matter how carefully you fold and pack your clothes, they still come out of the suitcase looking less than presentable. Especially if you are on business, or need to look great when you arrive at your destination. This is where carry on rolling garment bag carry on can save your clothes, and your trip from disaster keep clothing flat, clean, and wrinkle-free on the road by using a garment bag. 

I see the Walmart garment bag just more like a dust bag for suit. It is not suitable as a business suit bag for a short trip. Also you can buy a garment bag from amazon, we also have a garment bag amazon. Our products unlike other shops in amazon is our garment bag is upgrade version business suit bag, it is not only has dustproof effect on your suit, but also can as a travel duffel bag for your short business trip. You can hold your two suits and the other clothes, and it has different pockets to hold your tie, cards, documents, separate shoes compartment. It has hooks to hang on and it has portable handle design & detachable shoulder strap. The most important thing is that the garment bag material is durable, waterproof&scratch proof.

Durable garment bag

Garment bag carry on features

Let's see the garment bag for carry on features.

Garment Bag Dimension: 55*31*32 cm

Capacity of 55 L

Weight: 0.9kg

Durable garment bag is made of polyester and jacquard, with an anti-scratch and anti-tear finish

Removable and adjustable shoulder strap

Large garment bag capacity: Thanks to multiple internal zipper pockets, it maximizes storage capacity and supports everything from suits and dresses to shoes and ties. For more space, we added an external pocket for easy access to electronic products as well as travel or business documents, so you can focus on having a wonderful journey.

More user-friendly design: carry on garment bag with detachable shoulder strap for versatility and comfort; A hood with a zipper on top and bottom that can be placed in a suitcase or used as a zipper pocket; Zipper belt buckle, can prevent zipper automatic slide. Ergonomically lightweight design makes your trip easier.

Separate Compartment

It is pretty rare before you see a garment bag. It has a space for suit from the main compartment of the bag.

Two internal zip pockets secure smaller accessories like belts and ties, while the large zippered pocket on the outside easily fits an extra pair of shoes, but can also be used for storing those last-minute necessities that require quick access. It is able to perfectly have a shoes compartment. It also has another compartment to hold your t-shirt.

Lightweight option

Sturdy, lightweight, and well organized, Royal AK Garment Bag holds a lot more than you’d expect it to. With space for up to 2 suits, plus a myriad of clever pockets for storing all your travel necessities, this is arguably the best carry on garment bag for business travelers taking 2 to 3-day trips.

Durable material

The garment bag constructed of hard-woven, waterproof Italian nylon. Its durable, sophisticated, and highly efficient.

This garment bag can carry on, it has detachable shoulder strap. And this garment bag is foldable. 

The best garment bag for travel

Where can i buy a travel garment bag? The following best garment bag for travel.

1. Convertible garment bag

Convertible garment bag

The convertible garment bag has portable handle design, it is a carry on garment bag. What’s more, it has a adjustable shoulder strap, you can across your body. Two ways to wear the the garment bag, choose the one you like. More convertible travel bag please click: convertible gym bags

2. Durable nylon garment bag

Where can i buy a long garment bag? The garment bag travel nylon is your best choice.

Durable nylon garment bag

Foldable nylon business travel garment bag. Travel sport garment bag, suit cover carrier clothes luggage bag. The nylon garment bag is lightweight and it is waterproof.

3. Large capacity garment bag with pockets

Large garment bag capacity

The large capacity garment bag with pockets extra capacity garment bag is a steal price-wise, but it still brings quality and resourcefulness to the table. There’s plenty of room for your clothing, shoes, and a couple extra necessities.

4. Travel suit bag

Travel suit bag

Fit everything into the travel suit bag. With this travel suit bag, you’ll be able to pack your suits, laptop, wallet, and passport all in one place. This is the professional garment bag for suits.

The needs of garment bags

1. Business image

Zipper garment bags are a must among those who travel for work. If you are one of those people who are always on the go, you know how important it is to keep your stuff ready to be used. Plus, a business garment bag keeps everything organized, neatly folded and easy to access. Check out our selection of travel garment bags and take one with you in your next business trip. 

2. Protect your suit

Your suit doesn't need to be bagged. And it certainly doesn't need to kept zipped up in an air tight plastic bag. But if you're worried about dust, pests or other closet debris, then a canvas garment bag will keep your suit clean while letting it breathe, which is good for both cotton and wool fabrics.

3. Best travel garment bag

Check with your airline about its carry-on luggage restrictions to find out whether you can bring a suit in a hanging bag onto the flight. If so, hang the suit and its accessories, such as a dress shirt and tie, in the travel garment bag. Most hanging travel garment bag fold in half, making them easier to stow in the plane's overhead compartment.

Heavy duty garment bag buying guide


Make sure you pay extra attention to the size of your bag and the size restrictions of the airline. The most common size limit for a carry-on is 22 x 14 x 9 Inches, so this is a safe bet. Some airlines will allow a bigger bag by an inch or two, but if you tend to fly with different airlines, better stick to the general size. This garment duffel bag work perfect as a 55L duffel bag/travel weekender bag. Except for two suits, at the left side pocket of this garment bag is a shoes pouch. And the right side pocket is designed for passport, keys and some other small items.

Cloth garment bag Type

There are bi-folds, tri-folds, and wheeled bags. While these garment bags mainly keep everything wrinkle-free, it's still up to your personal preference. The non-wheeled bags are usually handy if you don't want to unpack and just hang the garment bag right away.

Other Features

Depending on what kind of packer you are, there are bags with many pockets to maximize storage space, while there are some that have minimal extra features to keep things light and sleek. Some bags are also treated to be water-resistant, which is important if you really want to keep your suits protected (other than being wrinkle-free).

A great affordable purchase is the Royal AK Garment Bag. It's a lesser known brand but delivers the same quality and performance. It's also one of the most lightweight garment bag, which will save you from paying excess baggage on budget airlines. We can also supply you personalized lightweight garment bag. If you need a bulk of lightweight garment bags, we can give you the best service.

Garment Bag FAQ

1. Does a garment bag count as a carry on?

American's website said:Soft-sided garment bags up to 51 inches / 130 cm (length + width + height) can also be taken as your carry-on item.

2. How many suits can a garment bag hold?

Our garment bag can fit up to two suits or around eight shirts.

3. What do you call a suit bag?

A garment bag or suit bag is a container of flexible material, usually used to ease transporting suits, jackets or clothing in general, and also to protect clothes from dust by hanging them inside with their hangers and then in the closet bar.

4. Can I hang a garment bag on a plane?

Check with your airline about its carry-on luggage restrictions to find out whether you can bring a suit in a hanging bag onto the flight. ... Most hanging bags fold in half, making them easier to stow in the plane's overhead compartment. Otherwise, ask if a flight attendant can hang the bag for you.

5. What is the best garment bag?

Our garment bag not only can hold your suits but also can hold your other clothes&shoes. What’s more, the material is durable&waterproof. It is a wonderful garment bag.

Your suit doesn't need to be bagged. And it certainly doesn't need to kept zipped up in an air tight plastic bag. But if you're worried about dust, pests or other closet debris, then a canvas garment bag will keep your suit clean while letting it breathe, which is good for both cotton and wool fabrics.

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