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What Material is Backpack Made of?

Views:  Update Date: Nov 27,2019

Do you know what material is backpack made of? The common backpack material is nylon, polyester, leather, canvas. Do you know the different backpack has its own advantage and disadvantage? Let’s see the some material of making backpacks.

What's more, we have a video to show our backpack material fabric:

Backpack material types

Backpack is very common in our daily life, but do you know the backpack material? When you want to choose a backpack to meet your daily needs, I think you should know about the backpack material types.

Backpack materials list,

Polyester material backpack

First, let’s talk about the polyester backpack material fabric. 

Polyester fabrics material

Polyester fabrics and fibers are extremely strong. Polyester is very durable: resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant. Polyester is hydrophobic in nature and quick drying. In fact, polyester material is a good material for making backpack. Backpacks made of polyester are affordable, holds its colors well.

Polyester disadvantage:

One of the main problems of synthetic fabrics like polyester is that they are non-porous, which means that in hot and humid conditions your polyester backpack may feel clammy and uncomfortable, due to temperature and moisture buildup inside. Even though polyester is resistant to all other types of stains, oil-based stains such as grease, petrol, and cooking oil are very difficult to remove from the fabric. The water resistant ability is better than nylon.

Nylon material backpack

Second, let’s talk about the nylon.

nylon backpack

Nylon is one of the most popular and often seen materials used in backpacks today. It is actually a broad range of plastics (Polyamids) that can be melted down and turned into various things including fibres. It is these fibres that are woven and used for backpacks. In fact, the nylon material backpack is more durable than polyester one. Nylon is very stretchable compared to other materials, meaning it can comfortably accommodate large amounts of luggage without breaking apart. Nylon is impermeable by nature, so if water or any other liquid falls onto it, you can expect it to quickly roll off the surface and for the nylon to dry promptly.

Nylon backpack disadvantage:

They are not suitable for summer settings where heat can become too overbearing outside. Therefore, you should avoid washing your nylon backpack with any bleaching agent as it can quickly damage the fabric. When mixed with other fabrics during washing, nylon can pick up other colors or even develop some graying in the process.

Polyester vs nylon conclusion

Nylon and polyester are both synthetic fabrics, both common backpack material. But nylon production is more expensive, which results in a higher price for the consumer. Nylon also tends to be more durable and weather-resistant, which is why it is more likely to be used in outdoor apparel or gear. Both fabrics are flame retardant, but nylon is stronger, while polyester is more heat-resistant.

Leather material backpack

Third, let’s talk about leather. 

leather material

People are using leather as a fabric for a very long time because of its durability and quality. Talking about style, leather is the only fabric which always adds some value to the product, whether used in as its original color or in a dyed form. It is a material of pure elegance, making everything look more powerful with its presence. Leather is a natural material, which is celebrated for its strength, durability and timeless style.

Leather backpack disadvantage:

It is more expensive. And it is more difficult to maintain. Leather bags tend to be limited in colors and design patterns unlike other types of bag. Most people buy leather bags because of the quality of their textures. The colors of leather bags are usually thicker and also the pattern quite simple.

Canvas material backpack

Fifth, let’s talk about canvas. 

Canvas backpack

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric typically made out of cotton and, to a lesser extent, linen. Canvas fabric is known for being durable, sturdy, and heavy duty. Canvas backpack is an old school backpacks material. Nowadays, it is becoming a fashion backpack. Originally Canvas was always made of cotton, and quiet heavy as a result. These days it can be made from a variety of fibers, which may be a little lighter. It is typically still quite heavy, but it's durable and will usually last a long time. 

Canvas backpack disadvantage:

Canvas backpack’s lighter colors can also attract lint and dirt more easily than other materials like nylon or leather. If the water does not immediately dry, the canvas will soon mould.

3 types backpack frame

Basically, there are four backpack frames: frameless, internal frame and external frame. If there is a frame, it is intended to distribute the weight more proportionately and evenly by transferring the weight to the legs and hips. That way there is less strain on the back and you have better balance with increased agility. If there is no frame, the weight is transferred to the shoulders.

Frameless backpack

This type of backpack is used for carrying basic items. The most straightforward and simple backpack design is one that is frameless. Less zippers, less compartments, less straps, less that can break, rip or go wrong. Ideally a frameless pack should mould to the contours of your back. Frameless packs are lighter than other models.

Internal frame backpack

Most internal frame backpack designs feature one or two aluminum stays—long, flat bars located against your back inside the pack that provide rigidity and support. One advantage of this type of backpack is that it fits closely to the back and drastically reduces shifting the load.

External frame backpack

Exterior frames backpack are usually made of aluminum, other light metal alloys, and more recently reinforced synthetic polymers or plastics, and are equipped with a set of straps and redrawn mesh to prevent the metal frame from contacting the user's back. Give the wearer more support and protection than a simple, frameless bag. A good example of an external frame pack is a military pack. They are known for their capacity of carrying loads of diverse weights, sizes and shapes.

7 tips high quality backpack buying guide

If you want to buy backpacks, there are some points to identify a backpack is good or not good. We offer best backpack materials. We offer different types of backpack materials.

1. Waterproof backpack materials is made of high-quality nylon fabric, which is treated by anti-splashing water technology. It can fall off quickly in case of water, effectively prevent the moisture from adhering to the interior for a long time, resist light rain, fog and wet weather, and can be used in case of accidental water contamination.  Heavy-duty backpacks are generally made of ultra-strong nylon material and YKK-grade zippers and straps of nylon. Nylon and polyester are the most popular pack materials.

2. Humanized carrying system, stepped design, with high elastic sponge, forming air diversion groove, comfortable and breathable, and easy to carry for a long time. Comfort is by far the most important factor in choosing a backpack. If it hurts your back, you're at best not going to use it often.  At worst – you could injure yourself.

3. The eight-figure shoulder strap, in line with the ergonomic design, fits the shoulder and helps to balance the force; High elastic cotton, reduce the burden on the shoulders, multiple stress points in accordance with the reinforcement

4. Organization - Multi-layer space design, each floor is an independent space, and the carry-on items are classified for easier search

5. Padded compartment for laptops - A padded compartment for laptops and tablets are common in backpacks. Ensure they are securely fastened to avoid your electronic equipment from jostling around in your bag.

6. Capacity - the backpack capacity should meet your daily travel demand.

7. Appearance - A backpack for the discerning man should balance practicality and fashionable on equal terms.

Backpack supplier

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