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What is the School Backpack Size?

Views:  Update Date: Sep 16,2019

School backpacks are a necessity for children to go to school. Some parents often pay attention to the appearance and durability while ignoring the health factor. In fact, schoolbag has a great impact on children's physical development. Improper selection may cause problems such as chest and hump, so parents should pay more attention to the health problems brought by schoolbag. So how should parents choose a qualified schoolbag?

Typical school backpack size

What is a average school backpack size liters? So, realistically, there is no one 'average backpack size' and all travel backpacks are measured in litres, which suggests how much the main compartments can hold when bulging full. With the majority of average backpack falling between the seemingly endless range of 15 to 85 litres.

School Backpack Size Guide

The normal school backpack size depends on the child's age. A good school backpack should be no larger than the child's back. You can take two measurements of a child's back and use those for the maximum height and width of the backpack. Let's see the following school backpack size guide:

Elementary school backpack size

The height of A4 textbook is 29.7cm, so all the elementary school backpack with a height of 30cm or above can fit into A4 textbook.
1. For children of 1-3 years old, choose a bag of 21-28cm in size.
2, 3-6 years old, small children middle class large class preschool children, choose the size of 28-36cm bag.
3. 6-9 years old. For children in grades 1-3 of primary school, choose a bag of size 36-42cm.
4. For children aged 8-16 from grade 2 to grade 6 of primary school, choose school bags with sizes of 40-45cm.
In order to reduce the pressure brought by the elementary school backpack, the weight of the book packaging should not exceed 15% of the weight of the child.

The style of the bag should be a shoulder bag that is larger than the width. The back of the bag should have a supporting function to cushion the pressure caused by the bag on the shoulder. Suggest a parent to choose the elementary school backpack that has light weight backboard or back mat for the child, the stick of backboard is close friends, can form with child back physiology to stick suit, be helpful for the child to maintain good posture when carrying.

Other consideration

Since most children carry a lot of books and goods to and from school every day, they should try to choose a light material, such as fabric or leather.
When the human body touches the surface of the bag, some elements in the material of the bag can enter the human body through sweat, saliva, etc.

typical school backpack size

High school backpack size

Do you cycle back and forth to school? Then choose a high school backpack with back ventilation so that your back stays cool. If you use a tablet or laptop at school, choose a backpack with a tablet or laptop compartment to prevent scratches. If your backpack is heavy, it is important that your backpack is comfortable. For extra comfort, choose a school bag with padded shoulder straps and a hip or chest strap. It is useful if a school bag has several compartments, so you can take your things with you.

Perhaps you use a tablet or laptop more often. Then a school backpack of 11 to 20 liters is big enough. These backpacks are compact, but often have extra pockets where you can put your calculator, pens and keys. There are also enough small backpacks with a laptop and tablet compartment.

This is the most common size for backpacks. The bags have enough space, but are not larger than necessary. Most school backpacks have several small pockets. So you never have to look for a pen or your keys for a long time.

Pay attention to your back when carrying so many items. A chest strap and padded shoulder straps ensure that you carry the high school backpack comfortably. In addition, back ventilation is nice to keep your back cool while wearing a heavy backpack.

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