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There are many top smart backpack in the market. We specialize in manufacturering backpack with usb charging. Comparing other laptop backpack with usb, our adventure is we can provide you OEM smart design bag service. Your design best usb charging backpack ideas can be satisfied here.

Smart Backpack

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laptop bag cable organizer two layer
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custom electronics organizer
cable organizer bag
cable bag zipper
laptop bag cable organizer two layer
travel cable organizer bag

Custom Electronics Organizer

Model: SN-005

Cable storage organizer details. It is two layer cable storage organizer bags. Large cable organizer has 12 pockets to hold your 9 cable pockets to hold your cables&earphone. One small mesh pocket to hold your portable power bank and one big mesh pocket to hold your mini ipad. And one electronics accessories bag pocket to hold your charger. This large cable organizer bag is your space magician.

Products Details

Cable organizer bag features

1.Cable organizer bag keeps all in one place: The cable organizer bag case is made of heavy-duty, durable, scratch proof and water-resistant polyester, enough space to hold various items like cables, headphone, notebook, ipad mini, earphone, flash disk, Cords, Memory Cards, passport,Adapters ,Pens, Headphone, notebook, ipad mini, earphone USB drive, Power, Charger, and etc.

Cable organizer bag features

2.Bag cable organizer with excellent protection:The versatile bag cable organizer is well padded semi flexible covers offer excellent protection for your electronic travel accessories. Cable bag organizer with premium quality: The cable bag organizer in large size which is made of heavy-duty, durable and waterproof polyester material offer excellent protection for your accessories. Digital cable storage can protect your digital accessories from damage.

4.Cable organizer easy to carry: The electronic travel bag is lightweight and spacious designed greatly can carry everything you need when you are on the go. Electronic accessories travel bag has perfect size easily fits into your briefcase, luggage, backpack.

5, Multifunctional electronics bag: The electronics bag also can be as storage bag. Most versatile cable storage organizer organization system designed to hold items firmly in place, Endless configurations Perfect companion for your cable storage organizer or travel organizer case.

Top 5 best cable organizer

1. Cable storage organizer bag blue colour

Cable storage organizer blue colour

Do you always take so much time to deal with your cables and other electronic accessories when you are on holiday? Not a problem anymore to use our portable cable storage organizer bag. Of course you can also use it to keep your other tools. Electronic accessories bag with large capacity, it could contain earphone, USB cable, small power bank, charger plug and etc. Light weight and small size, portable. Multi compartment design, make your belongs tidy!

2. Laptop bag cable organizer pink for girls

Laptop bag cable organizer pink for girls

This two layers laptop bag cable organizer is large enough to house your iPad and other accessories with ease. Made from durable, water-repellent polyester material, this case will keep your kit safe while you travel. The laptop bag cable organizer upper layer is home to a large internal pocket that is the perfect place to store your iPad mini, iPad air, or portable hard drive, while the 9 elastic loops keep USB cables and chargers safe and all together. Laptop bag cable organizer is also extra room for your all-important cellphone and earphones. Lots of space and tons of protection.

3. Waterproof electronic cord organizer cable bag travel digital cord case pouch

waterproof electronic cord organizer cable bag travel digital cord case pouch

This durable, waterproof cord electronics organization ideas opens up to a single layer interior with a plethora of elastic bands, mesh pockets, and zippered pockets, giving you space for cords, memory cards, small gadgets, cell phones, earbuds, and whatever else you need neatly put away. It has a heavy-duty waterproof electronics organization ideas, keeping your electronics safe from spills and bad weather.

4. Travel bag for electronic chargers

Travel bag for electronic chargers

A minimalist design quality travel bag for electronic chargers. The travel bag for electronic chargers has 2 flip-over compartments with several elastic loops for cables and other things and there is a zippered pocket for the smallest items, like memory cards and earphones. Travel bag for electronic chargers is made of tear and splash-resistant fabric.

5. Storage bag for electronic accessories

Storage bag for electronic accessories

A multifunctional storage bag for electronic accessories with a built-in iPad sleeve.

The bag has 2 zippered comparments. And i total there are 12 elastic bands, 6 small mesh pockets and one bigger mesh pocket in the first of the compartments. And the second compartment features 2 mesh pockets, one flat pocket behind them and a padded tablet sleeve with a velcro closure on the other side.

Built-in tablet sleeve makes it into a great choice if you want to combine these 2 things – an electronics organizer and a tablet sleeve. For me personally it doesn’t make that much sense, because while I do have an iPad, but I’m also using it a lot and very often. And so I like to put it in an easier to reach place. Especially when traveling. At the same time electronic organizer can be also hidden in my backpack, because I don’t need cables and charges the same as often as my iPad.

Electronics organizer custom technology

This electronics organizer bag will help you to keep all of your electronics accessories and various cables together,and can be used as Cosmetic Carrying Bag, baby healthcare Kit storage bag. Large capacity and high quality material. Great set of gadget bags. Great value for money. I would recommend these bags highly. Show your logo on our custom electronics organizer bag.

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