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There are many top smart backpack in the market. We specialize in manufacturering backpack with usb charging. Comparing other laptop backpack with usb, our adventure is we can provide you OEM smart design bag service. Your design best usb charging backpack ideas can be satisfied here.

Smart Backpack

14 inch laptop backpack
14 inch backpack blue and black
14 laptop backpacks laptop bag
14 inch laptop backpacks
waterproof 14 inch backpacks
14 inch laptop backpack
14 inch backpack blue and black
14 laptop backpacks laptop bag
14 inch laptop backpacks
waterproof 14 inch backpacks

14 Inch Laptop Backpack

Model: SA-9997

Having a 14 inch laptop backpack and you want to carry best 14 inch laptop backpack with you wherever you go, you need a dedicated laptop backpack 14 inch. The following is the list of the cheap 14 in backpack in 2020. If you have a small or large laptop, you should check the compatibility. Most of Royal AK 14 inch backpack boys are water resistant and shockproof to prevent the laptop from getting any damage. 14 inch laptop backpacks are highly comfortable to carry along with other regular things you need to carry in your bag. Find cheap wholesale 14 inch laptop backpack in Royal AK.

Products Details

14 inch backpack supplier

We are 14 inch backpack supplier. We manufacturer for 14 inch laptop backpacks more than 10 years so we have knowledge for bags'technical details.We know how to cooperate with client to low the cost and offer quality goods in good prices. We have good quality control. Before laptop backpacks production we will inspect all the material include rubber badges, printed&embroidery swatches.and sure that all are correct.

All products are online quality control,inspect semi-finished products,inspect final finished products before packing them into cartons.

What’s your 14 inch laptop bag moq?

In general, Screen Printing logo(Min. Order: 30 Pieces)

Embroidery logo(Min. Order: 500 Pieces)

14 Inch Backpack video:

In this 14 inch backpack video, you can see our product details and the laptop backpacks application. What’s more, the high quality of this 14 inch backpack waterproof&scratch proof. This waterproof laptop backpack really suitable for the college backpack use as well as the business backpacks.

Best 14 inch laptop backpack features

laptop backpack details

This laptop backpack can hold your 14 inch computer and it has the separate laptop compartment. By this separation laptop bag, you can make your laptop stand alone, keep your other items away from the computer.

Stylish laptop backpacks 14 inch has two colour to choose: the blue one and the black one. The Stylish laptop backpacks take grid backpack design. The reason why the stylish laptop backpacks are so popular is that the 14 inch stylish laptop backpacks keep fashion&practicability in all one.

Best lightweight waterproof backpack is only 0.375kg, Water-resistant polyester&nylon material, breathable and scratch proof material. Best lightweight waterproof backpack with gold zipper detailing, adjustable padded shoulder straps, zippered pockets.

Large capacity laptop backpack. It can not only can hold your laptop, but also can hold your clothes, notebook, ipad, purse, pens and it has water pockets to hold your water bottles. Best lightweight waterproof backpack is really suitable for the school, travel, business.

large business backpack

Waterproof computer bags with smooth zipper. The waterproof computer bags with anti scratch/water-resistant fabric matched with waterproof smooth zipperWaterproof computer bags with smooth zipper designed for unexpected rainy day. Work perfectly under umbrella and keep rain out of things.

Multiple laptop bag with adjustable shoulder straps. It has buckle to adjust your shoulder strap to meet your needs.

14 inch backpack for sale

We can offer you large amount 14 inch backpack, It's cheaper to buy a lot of backpacks. Shop for 14 inch backpack at royal ak. If you have any necessary, please send us a message.

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